Like sending your child off to the first day of school with a lottery ticket stapled to her chest

Oh my. I sent Bowling Ball off to an open-submissions call this week. On the one hand, I’m very excited. On the other hand, I’m well aware of how much of a cattle-call an open submissions is. Editors will be swamped with manuscripts. Your book’s chance of catching someone’s eye depends a lot on luck, how good you are at writing blurbs/synopses/cover-letters (in my case, probably not very), and just how undercaffeinated/overstresed/compatible-with-your-aesthetic that particular editor happens to be on that given day.

So yes. Rather like sending a child off for their first day of school, with a lottery ticket, and telling her “Good luck, kid. I hope you manage to find your way to class, have a good day, and get home again.”

Let’s hope Bowling Ball is clever and lucky.