Tricks and Treats

So Halloween has come and gone, and so has the annual effort at writing a short story in keeping with the season while waiting on the trick-or-treaters. (And we did have some, hurrah!) I actually had two different ideas. One story, which I had thought was going to be a spooky talking-to-the-dead tale, turned out to be…well, chatty. Almost cozy, in its own odd way. It’s all right, but not what I expected, and I’m not really sure what (if anything) to do with it.

The second idea had much more promise. I was all excited to start, until I realized: the reasoning I had for the protagonist to go off on her adventure in the first place made absolutely no logical sense whatsoever. It’s simply “I need A to happen so that B,” but that doesn’t hold water, particularly not when I realize that’s what it is.


I’ll have to think about this some more, because I really want to write the jack-o-lanterns taking vengeance on the would-be pumpkin-smashers. Hm.

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